Straight Shooter Tutor LLC (SST) provides professional firearms training based on the fundamentals of safety, practicality and usefulness.  The training offered to our students is based on the latest NRA training courses and lesson plans to ensure the highest quality of training is delivered to students.

Owner | Instructor: Tony Fiorda

“From the new gun owner who has never held a firearm to the experienced but rusty owner who wants to refresh their knowledge and skills, SST provides certified training that will allow them to reach their goals.”

Trained as a deputy sheriff, Tony holds an Ohio Peace Officers certificate.  He has been a firearms enthusiast for more than 35 years, and is a certified NRA instructor.






The Mission

To lessen an individual’s fear of guns by teaching them the basic rules of gun safety, to understand proper firearms handling and to help ensure that they become safe and educated users of guns within society.

The Goal

To create individuals who have the knowledge to properly handle firearms and employ appropriate judgment in their use.