How do I sign up for a class?


On the 'Courses' page, click the blue 'Register for Courses' button.  This will open a PDF form, fill in all the applicable fields and then print the form out.  Mail the completed, signed and witnessed form to the address on page 4, Section K.


What equipment, if any, do I need to bring to the course?


A pistol or revolver, optionally additional magazines or speed loaders, eye and ear protection (can be rented at range), a hat or cap with a bill, comfortable shoes or boots (no sandals), and ammunition.




Do you supply handguns to students who haven't purchased one as yet?


If you haven't decided on which pistol to purchase you will be able to rent one or more pistols from the range as long as you use ammunition purchased there.

I don't have a handgun yet.  Can I still take the Basic Pistol Course?


Yes.  Whether you have a pistol already or are still looking for the 'right' pistol for your circumstances, enrolling in the Basic Pistol Course will teach you proper and safe gun handling.  You will be able to rent various pistols at the range allowing you to better determine which pistol to purchase when you are ready.




How much ammunition will I need for the course.


It can range from a minimum of 50 rounds to a maximum of 200 depending on the course.  Generally you will need no more that 150 rounds of ammunition for your pistol.


Can I buy ammunition from you?


Unfortunately no.  You may bring your own ammunition as long as it is commercially loaded (no home reloads) or purchase it from a sporting goods store or at the range.



I have a Concealed Carry Permit.  Do I need to have a background check in order to enroll in firearms courses?


No.  A background check is only required for  Advanced courses.   The background check will be waived for individuals who submit a copy of a valid Georgia Firearms License with their enrollment form as well as those who provide a recent receipt for a firearms purchase which required a background check.

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